Santa Maria & Immigration Affects

Abrielle Rounds
2 min readSep 23, 2021

I chose to research upon the small town I grew up in, Santa Maria California. By growing up in Santa Maria you will know that the majority of the population are immigrants of Latino descent. According to the Census Reporter, out of the 107,723 people that make up the population of Santa Maria are 81% Hispanic. This town is home to many immigrants and migrant farmworkers, with the town’s economy mainly circulating around agriculture.

Data courtesy of Census Reporter

When we take a look at the median income, we can see a pretty decent amount are making 50–100k, and by looking at the total median household income compared to per capita income, the difference is actually quite large.

Regarding place of birth for foreign-born population, it is no surprise to many that a high majority is coming from Latin America. Again, this can be brought back to the fact that Santa Maria is home to many immigrant farmworkers.

If we now take a look at the corresponding data for languages spoken at home, the age difference doesn't seem to matter too much, and it is clear that Spanish trumps all other languages in the city for being the most spoken at home

Regarding Santa Maria’s coronavirus infection rate, according to The new York Times, in Santa Barabara county the average per 7 days is around 137 people. It seems to be slowly rising. This is however regarding all of the county and not just the small population of Santa Maria.

The New York Times Data



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