Cover Letter

Dear Prof. Gerson,

It’s my pleasure to submit my application for your social media course.

I have been interested in Journalism since high school, and I have been an expert in social media ever since I was little. Understanding the way social media affects journalism is crucial to improving how the news that we create reaches an audience. My knowledge of this topic makes me a clear choice for your class.

I have a great following on Instagram where I am quite active and love to interact with my followers and friends and understand how to tell a story. I am also proficient in website creating, as a good interactive website is key to share media and especially news. I am especially interested in photojournalism and how photos themselves can be worth 1000 words and a beautifully engaging story.

In this class, I am confident that I will contribute fresh new perspectives on how to improve engagement of media and news with audiences, and the eagerness to learn even more. I am an avid reader of news sites such as Washington Post, LA Times and NY Times and want to contribute to them in the future, and believe your class will be beneficial to my pathway. Below I have copied a hyperlink to one of my favorite pieces I have written on the website “Medium” of Ultra-endurance cyclist, Lael Wilcox. I hope to write more stories such as these in the future.


Abrielle Rounds



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Abrielle Rounds

CSUN Photojournalism student with a passion for telling stories through photos