“Life is just different here,” my mom told me. I was sheltered in my room, hearing the harsh winds outside while conversing with her. My phone in my hand, directed at my face so she can see me, I give a smile to the phone so she knows I am happy for her. “ It’d only be perfect if you were here.” She told me. Looking through the screen, I see her view from her balcony in Costa Rica. She has wanted to leave the United States for as long as she can remember as she was unhappy there. She was only waiting until I was comfortable to live on my own to make the change. I called her during Tamarindo’s sunset hours, and she showed me how the golden rays of light reflected on the ocean water past her balcony. The touch of my cold phone wasn’t the same as as hugging my mom in real time. But when we meet again after Covid-19, it will make her hugs even more warm and special.

CSUN Photojournalism student with a passion for telling stories through photos