An Early Morning Observation…

What is it about an early morning that can make people feel so refreshed? Sitting in the backyard at 8am with crisp cold air gently touching my face makes for a calm and peaceful start to my day. I observe whats around me. Plants are are alive and green and giving me a good morning welcome as bees buzz around them. I take a breath in and immediately am overcome with fresh air that is cold enough to feel in my nose when I breathe. My hands and toes can feel the air, and even my socks cant stop the cold air from touching my toes. Although it is cold, it is so refreshing. Similar to the feeling of jumping in a fresh clear lake on a sunny morning, or waking up and opting for a cold shower to awaken the senses rather than a hot and steamy one. I look at the sun-catcher in front of me. It lives up to its name, as I watch it rotate slowly and glisten gold in different angles.

One might think a morning like this would feel calm, silent and lonely, but you be very wrong. Upon close observation with both sight and sound, you’d soon learn the backyard is alive. Birds chirping excitedly all around you, of different tones and ranges. Hummingbirds whizzing by so fast you only see a small figure for a second and then its gone. Little flies so tiny that you can only see when the sun hits them just right. But this morning is no exception. It was not luck or chance that I happened to be here while all this is happening. The truth is, it is alive every morning. We just need to take a moment for ourselves to really see that, and listen and watch closely to our surroundings.

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Abrielle Rounds

CSUN Photojournalism student with a passion for telling stories through photos