A Love for Inspiring Others

I remember those moments in high school when the science teacher would play those National Geographic shows, and how much I loved them. I’ve always loved animals and nature, but it seemed I was the only one super excited and not bored out of my mind like the other kids when they were played. Never though much of my interest for it until my dad gave me his old Canon XTi camera when I was a junior in highschool, and told me he had no use for it. I didn’t really either, until I told my friends, and of course they wanted me to take pictures of them so they could post them to Instagram and feel like a model for a day. I started to really enjoy taking photos, and with that came a love for editing them as well. I remember distinctly going on a hike with my camera to see if I could capture any wildlife, just like the Nat Geo magazines I used to love to look at. Fast-forward to me currently being a senior at CSUN, I now do wedding photography, family shoots, graduation shoots and much more. Due to the current pandemic situation, I will admit it is quite tough to be able to get new clients, and juggling my love for photography with being a full time student, and going to work during this time is no easy feat. What keeps me motivated is my goals. Although I wish I could say I have one clear set career path I would love to go on and just focus thing, I simply cant. I am majoring in journalism, with my original dream goal being a National Geographic photojournalist. But the truth is, I could be perfectly happy doing photojournalism for almost anything. As long as it invloves a camera, really, I’d be happy. As you might be able to tell from some of the photos below, I enjoy a vast amount of different types of photography.

Image I took of a Bush-Stone Curlew in Brisbane, Australia.
Portrait done in studio
Portrait done by CSUN
Landscape of Big Bear Lake, CA